Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Laminate Most Wanted Vol. 3 - Interview + Feature

  • How did you first get interested in art and how old were you then?
I was around three or four, when I saw my classmate showing off her princess drawing to the class. I thought to myself, “I would have different approach to the princess.” Then I went home, picked up my pencil and started to draw and explore. My parents were amused by my sudden interest into drawing. Since then, drawing has become my biggest passion.

  • The characters you draw often look fragile and childlike - what is the inspiration behind them?
I get really emotional when I paint, sometimes I have the feeling that the characters I draw, they live inside me and they feed off my emotion. Perhaps I get too carried away, I have even seen them in my dreams for a few times. They talked to me as if they truly existed, their skin was delicate and their voices were childlike. My work is heavily inspired by dreams and things that happen around me. It is also a reflection of the inner world that exists inside me.

  • Who and what currently influences you?
 I’m inspired by the very atmospheric paintings from the Renaissance period especially Leonardo Da Vinci’s, I love that Sfumato technique that he used in his paintings. The atmosphere is so strong that it sends chill down my spine. I like also the beautiful work by H.R. Giger, Mark Ryden and Amano Yoshitaka.

  • You've recently started working with Aum Brand who print your designs on their apparel. Are you enjoying this foray into fashion?
It’s my first time ever working with a fashion brand, I’m lucky that it’s Aum Brand whom I’m working with. The founder of Aum Brand Amar Stewart is also an artist, he understands how to work with artists and he has a very strong aesthetic sense of combining art with fashion. It’s thrilled to see that people love my work and want to wear it around.

  • What does your creative process look like?
The majority of my work is painted digitally, so I pretty much paint everything on my computer using a drawing tablet. My work is heavily inspired by my dreams, so when I wake up from an inspiring dream in the middle of the night, I would get up and write down the idea. It always takes me long to be able to fall back asleep and this comes the interesting part. All kinds of crazy and weird vision would hit me as I try to fall asleep at this point. Perhaps that’s why I’m prone to wake up to sleep paralysis and unexplainable hallucinations where I see, hear and feel many unearthly beings. They could be really scary but these dreams/experiences have become my biggest source of inspiration that sometimes, I would induce the experience on purpose just to be able to see these unearthly beauties. I like to integrate these elements into my work, not necessarily has to be a solid figure that I see, but more symbolic like the atmosphere and emotion that embraces me at time.

  • What are your plans for this year?
I’m currently working on 3 upcoming group shows and I am planning to collaborate with other artists on an art project which I can’t say anything to the public yet. But stay tuned!

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